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Racked Warehousing - More than 30,000 Racked Pallet Locations in Manchester

AKW Global Warehousing operates in excess of 30000 racked pallet locations ranging from 1.45m to 1.9m configured to accept standard 1200 x 1000mm full perimeter based 4 way entry pallets or 1200 x 800 euro pallets.

All Racked Warehousing locations are fully boarded and in conjunction with Grade “A” pallets only being used, this promotes an extremely safe environment both for our staff and our customers stock. Each location is bar-coded, to enable seamless put away of all racked stocks, via the hand held computers, and in conjunction with the mapping parameters, which can be set behind each product code or customer subject to the requirements, actively encourages enhanced stock handling and stock control.

Stock arrivals are notified in advance to the clients account handlers by e mail or fax, warehouse advice is raised by our administration team, stocks are landed under our fully covered 70,000 square foot canopy to avoid any weather ingress, landed stocks are then second checked for quality, integrity and comparison against the customer’s advice.  All anomalies are recorded and advised in writing to the customer for further instruction. The stocks are entered to our WMS at which point bar-code labels are raised to enable electronic confirmation of put away.

The labels are then applied to the stocks, again checking quality, integrity, and comparisons to entered stocks. The receipt is then sent to the hand held computers which instructs the racked warehousing operative which bay and which location the stock has been mapped to, the racked warehousing operative scans the pallet, scans the location, and continues with the process until his work list is clear. At this point a report is generated to ensure all stocks have been correctly located.

Stock picking and despatch takes on a slightly different element as we have built into the WMS a perpetual inventory programme which ensures as each and every sku is picked the warehouse operative is forced to enter a residual balance, to ensure that the correct quantity has been picked and the correct quantity still resides in its allotted location. Once picked and confirmed as complete with no reported discrepancies the order then moves to GO status which informs the warehouse operative that the required pick is complete and at the same time informs the administration team that the stock is available to load.

Daily, weekly and monthly KPI’s are agreed and set, however we as a service provider regularly exceed these expectations which further illustrates our dedication to providing exceptional service levels at all times.

Contact one of our Warehousing & Storage Team to find out more, call: 0161 873 7355 or email warehousing@akw.co.uk.

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